The CICN is a research center that realize clinical studies in Nutrition to test the health effects of nutritional compounds and/or every kind of particular alimentation.

The center is located at Louvain-La-Neuve within the Faculty of Motor Sciences (Place Pierre de Coubertin n°1). If you want to participate to a clinical study within the CICN, please contact Barbara Pachikian ( ou au 010/47 93 05).


You will find below some information regarding your inscription to the CICN's database and your rights as a study volunteer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Why to participate to a clinical study?

Participate to a clinical study offer several advantages: to test new foods or type of alimentation that could have beneficial health effects, to realize a complete checkup, to enable research advances in Nutrition and in the majority of studies an allowance is also planned.

How a clinical study is conducted?

Following your registration and if you meet inclusion criteria, you will be contacted by one of our collaborators. A first checkup with the doctor is scheduled, during which you will receive all information and where we will take the time to answer your questions. 

Then, depending on the protocol of the clinical trial, you may be asked to come back to the Center several times for harvesting samples (blood, biopsies, …), to answer questionnaires,…

What are your right as a participant in a clinical study?

Your participation is voluntary and should be free of any constraint. Before participation, you should signed an informed consent form. Even after the signature, you can stop the study at any time by informing the doctor. 
The data collected during the study are confidential and your anonymity is guaranty.

We subscribed an insurance in case of damage related to your participation to a clinical study.

No charges will be bill for consultations, medical exams and/or treatment required for the study.

Is the online registration an obligation to participate to a clinical study?

No, this online questionnaire enable to register to our confidential database. If you meet inclusion criteria for one of our study, one of our CICN‘s collaborators will contact you. He will present you the study. You can refuse and wait to be contacted for another study or you can unsubscribe from the database at any time.

Some studies have very strict inclusion criteria; therefore, you may wait for a long time before to be contacted by the CICN.

What are the conditions to participate to a clinical study?

Conditions depend form each study. Online registration to the database, allow us to evaluate your chance to enter in a study. There is no other particular conditions, except to have some time for the study.


All our studies are conduct following the belgian and european regulations in force. Each study is submitted for apporbation to the “Comité Hospitalo-Facultaire de Saint-Luc” which, thereby, ensure subject’s security during the study.