The Center of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition is located within the Faculty of Motor Sciences at Louvain-La-Neuve.

We have the needful infrastructure to realize all type of studies in the field of nutrition (bioavailability study, food behavior study, sports performance study, health effects study, sensory analyzes) :

  • A doctor’s office
  • A sampling room to collect blood, saliva, biopsies (muscular and adipose tissue), urine and fecal samples.  
  • A kitchen to prepare foods and meals
  • A living and a dining room allowing to study the behavior in real situation, in a controlled environment.
  • Storage locals with adequate and controlled temperature and ventilation.
  • A computer local allowing psychometric tests and sensory analysis.
  • We benefit also form the infrastructure present within the « Centre d’aide à la performance sportive », that is the effort laboratory (various ergometers, ECG, DEXA, …).

Some locals and equipment within the CICN are available for rent; please contact us for any reservation.